UPDATE-INSI safety advisory for news crews covering unrest in the UK

Source: INSI, 9 August 2011

LONDON, 9 August - The International News Safety Institute is concerned by the number of attacks on journalists and members of the news media who are reporting on, and covering, the unrest that has swept across London and to other UK cities.

INSI has heard reports that photographers have been beaten up [...]

UK organisations still have not changed their attitudes to the threat of insider breaches

Source: Corporate Security Portal, 3 August 2011

According to a recent study conducted by Imperva, organisations in the UK have not changed their attitudes to the threat of insider breaches despite the lessons of Wikileaks. In its survey amongst IT security professionals 86% could not categorically state that they knew how many sensitive files their organisation [...]

BSIA: "Security consultancies can help businesses make the right choices"

Source: Info4Security, 1 August 2011
By Brian Sims

The BSIA [British Security Industry Association] has published a new guide to help businesses understand how security consultancies can play a vital role in helping them make the right choices when it comes to security products and services. Brian Sims reports.

The guide – entitled ‘Security Consultancies: Expert Advice on [...]

Who, What, Why: Can phone hackers still access messages?

Source: BBC News, 6 July 2011

The News of the World phone hacking scandal has prompted an emergency debate in Parliament, but how were voicemails illicitly accessed and could it still happen?

When mobile phones were analogue, would-be snoopers could listen in using scanners. When mobile phones became digital, this option largely disappeared. But by then another [...]

Ships increasingly turning to armed guards to combat piracy

Source: Homeland Security Newswire, 19 May 2011

To stem the rapidly growing number of pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean, more shipping companies are turning to armed guards; last year attacks off the Somali coast hit an all-time high with forty-nine ships hijacked along with 1,016 crew members; to combat the growing threat of piracy an [...]

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