What's it like being a bodyguard?

Source: BBC News, 4 April 2011

The close protection industry is flourishing, but is the life of a bodyguard really anything like the movies, asks Yasmeen Khan.

"Give me your money now! Now!" The man shouting doesn't seem able to intimidate the woman on the receiving end.

Calmly and confidently she puts one hand over the barrel of [...]

VIP protection costs £310,000 a day

Source: Belfast Telegraph, 5 August 2010

Britain's largest police force is spending at least £310,000 every 24 hours protecting Royals, VIPs and diplomats, it can be revealed.

Scotland Yard racked up a £113,598,687 bill for armed bodyguards who shadow high-profile individuals and patrol at-risk properties in 2009-10.

The figure was less than the £127,784,028 spent in 2008-9, but [...]

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