It is not just high profile celebrities and politicians that can find their voicemail or email accounts being hacked

Source: Corporate Security Portal, 10 August 2011

The phone hacking at the News of the World newspaper have highlighted a worrying issue, the fact that it is surprisingly easy for unskilled individuals to gain access to voicemail and other mailboxes, largely by taking advantage of default passwords and PIN numbers.

These alleged activities have shown that it [...]

Who, What, Why: Can phone hackers still access messages?

Source: BBC News, 6 July 2011

The News of the World phone hacking scandal has prompted an emergency debate in Parliament, but how were voicemails illicitly accessed and could it still happen?

When mobile phones were analogue, would-be snoopers could listen in using scanners. When mobile phones became digital, this option largely disappeared. But by then another [...]

Criminals target mobile devices and social networks

Source: BBC News, 5 April 2011

Facebook applications can provide the personal information needed to create a targeted attack

Smartphones and social networking sites are likely to become the next big target for cyber criminals, according to a security industry report.

Symantec's annual threat analysis warns that the technologies are increasingly being used to spread malicious code.

Users of [...]

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