UPDATE-INSI safety advisory for news crews covering unrest in the UK

Source: INSI, 9 August 2011

LONDON, 9 August - The International News Safety Institute is concerned by the number of attacks on journalists and members of the news media who are reporting on, and covering, the unrest that has swept across London and to other UK cities.

INSI has heard reports that photographers have been beaten up [...]

Journalists Held In Libya to Be Freed

Source: Huffington Post, 17 May 2011
By Diaa Hadid

TRIPOLI, Libya — Four journalists detained in Libya since early April have completed an administrative hearing and will be released Tuesday or Wednesday, a government spokesman said.

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the four had appeared before a judge in an administrative court [...]

Journalists in danger as Middle East erupts

Source : The First Post, 17 February 2011
By Jonathan Harwood

As violent protests continue to sweep the Middle East, the region is in danger of becoming a no-go zone for journalists. Days after the appalling attack on CBS reporter Lara Logan in Cairo's Tahrir Square, another American reporter suffered a beating, this time in Bahrain.

Radio [...]

Shine a spotlight on journalist killings

Source : The Guardian, 14 September 2010
By Trisha Andres

Last year saw a 40% global increase in killings of journalists – most covering their local beat or conducting investigations.

In 2009, 110 journalists and media staff were killed – a staggering 40% increase from the previous year. A report published on 12 September by the [...]

Media CEO: Journalist safety a challenge in Mexico

Source : AP, 26 March 2010
By Michelle Roberts

SAN ANTONIO — Journalists and other employees of Mexico's largest newspaper chain are changing their driving routes, moving to more secure high-rise apartment buildings and keeping their names off stories. But no one has figured out a good formula for protecting them from Mexican drug violence [...]

The end of bang-bang? The risks of reporting from the frontline

Source : The Independent, 18 January 2010
By Kim Sengupta

After the death of a reporter in Helmand, will government pressure and a loss of nerve by editors mean new restrictions are imposed on journalists embedded with troops in war zones?

The death of reporter Rupert Hamer and the severe injury suffered by photographer Philip Coburn in [...]

For novice journalists, rising risks in conflict zones

Source : NYT, 30 December 2009
By Ian Austen

OTTAWA — Amanda Lindhout was a waitress at an Irish pub in Calgary, Alberta, with a dream of becoming a journalist. But Ms. Lindhout, who has no formal journalistic training, did not join the ranks of citizen journalists who blog about their communities. Instead, she used [...]

On Assignment: Hard Lessons in Somalia

Source : NYT, 15 June 2009

In Dhusamareb, Sufi Muslims have driven out the fundamentalist Muslims known as Al-Shabaab. The Sufis, never formaly involved in politics or fighting, rose up as a fighting force after being persecuted by the Al-Shabaab, who assassinated women's rights workers and tried to install a fundamentalist form of Islam

Few photographers [...]

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